Flysimware's LEARJET 35A UPDATES


    Bugs & Issues
  • Ground Proximity voice warning accuracy updated
  • GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning System) now can be turned off by the Radar ALT switch
    Bugs & Issues
  • Return yoke label is now darker for night scenerio
  • Copilot DME NM out tenths display got fixed
  • Flaps gear horn is now set for 25 degrees or more
  • Flaps gear horn will now sound if gear is down and flaps are up
  • The cabin walls had a section that was not welded showing light (Fixed)
  • Altitude alerter light brightness fixed for non test mode
  • Payload manager updated
  • AP disconnect now plays sound
  • Fuel pump sound removed for secondary fuel pumps
  • Fuel panel now updates constantly for those who only seen the left tip tank lower
  • (This was caused from not using administrater for the sim. I have added a code to force an update no matter if you use administrater or not.)
    Bugs & Issues
  • Fuel system updated
  • Nav 2 and Com 2 radio power switches fixed
  • HSI CDI will now follow the GPS flight plan using the GNS 530
  • Both DME NM displays updated for accuracy
  • Windshield heat now has blower sound and annunciator light
  • WMS will now disconnect the autopilot
  • Fuel STBY light will now illuminate during start sequence
  • Fire bottle illumination will now extinguish when engine fire is extinguished
  • Fire bottle illumination will not illuminate during fire test
  • Master warning lights now flash
  • Mach trim test does not need trim takeoff position
  • Thrust lever position reduced for gear horn warning
  • Fuel burn rate increased
  • AP SPD/HLD mode improved
  • AP off now turns all modes off
  • Oil pressure gauge needs 1 inverter switch on to show pressure
  • AP ALT/HLD mode fixed do to missing section of code
  • Switching from NAV mode to HDG mode now works without turning NAV mode off
  • Found why some AP systems cause oscillating +/- and have prevented this issue
  • Flaps sound updated
  • Test modes will not work with battery off
  • Aileron AUG test now animated (See user manual)
  • Gear test switch now plays sound
  • Cold mode now keeps primary fuel switches on
  • AP master switch now functions from the default keyboard assignment
  • NAC Heat switch on now displays the Bleed Air light for 2 seconds
  • The secondary fuel valves will now display the primary fuel light for 2 seconds
  • Cabin will not pressurize with bleed air off
  • Oxygen gauge now shows pressure
  • ELT gauge font updated
  • Steer lock must have 1 inverter to engage (Tailhook key assignment will still engage with inverters off but will not show on annunciator panel until the inverter is on)
  • Vas Patch updated (updates the ELT gauge image)
    Bugs & Issues
  • Autopilot modes will now work if the pilots AP master switch is on. This allows the FD to function with the ENG MODE (autopilot) off.
  • The keyboard master AP function will not turn on unless the pilots AP master switch is on.
    Bugs & Issues
  • The green gear safe lights were not always working with gear down (Fixed)
  • Maximum speed to lower gear is now 260 knots
  • Flaps damage speed is now 260 knots
  • Flaps blowout speed is now 300 knots
  • Transfer full and empty light only illuminates when tranfer switch is on
  • Standby fuel pump switches do not share primary fuel lights
  • Anti-Skid illuminates when the switch is off
    Bugs & Issues
  • The air ignition lights will now illuminate during start sequence
  • HSI CDI will now follow the GPS flight plan using the GNS 530
  • GNS 530 updated for errors
  • GTX 330 updated for full realism
  • HSI flags updated
  • Digital clock updated
  • Fuel dump now works when wing tanks are full
  • New integrated WX Advantage Radar by Rex / Milviz
  • (Works for FSX / FSX:SE / P3D)
  • (Captain Sim / ASNRadar instructions now include Reality's WX 500)
    Bugs & Issues
  • Wheel chock lowered to ground
  • Manual updated
  • Go around no longer needs flaps set beyond 20 degrees
  • Go around now sets the FD to 1800 FPM (Previous was 1500 FPM)
  • Thrust reverser doors now open fully with low thrust value
  • Center tank draining fixed for those who have there saved default flight center tank open
  • DME updated for higher realism
  • GPU stays connected until both engines are running
  • Cross Flow and transfer lights now momentarily light up when the switch is moved
  • The jetpump lights do not come on during start sequence
  • The jetpumps no longer needs to be on for starting engines
  • Fuel valve now tranfers tip tanks to wing tanks when tip tanks are below 50%
  • The tip tanks are now exteranl tanks in the cfg file so fuel never burns from the tip tanks
  • Windshield heat and radome now are 3 way toggle switches
  • Collins altimeter now shows C for climb and D for descent
  • SPD Mode now holds IAS below 29K and holds MACH above 29K
  • SPD HOLD light now displays IAS or MACH based on altitude
  • Cabin air switch now disables and enables climate control and cabin pressure
  • NAC Heat switch now lights L & R ENG ICE light momentarily when moved
  • Electric hydraulic system now includes sound
  • Anti ice on now increases ITT temperature by 20 degrees celsius
  • Reduced elevator pitch trim rate
    Bugs & Issues
  • SPD HOLD IAS or MACH updated for smooth transition at 29K feet
  • Low fuel pressure annunciator warnings fixed (SPR fuel boost now tests each annunciator)
    New Features
  • Updated installer with option to install 1 GTN 750 unit or dual GTN 750 units
  • Updated installer with new features and better information
  • The GTN 750 3D unit now have a click spot for the SD-Card
  • The GTN 750 units now comes pre configured with sound on and naviagetion pre-set
  • DME has new xml coding to display raw DME not just VOR/DME
  • DC & AC meters now have tooltips
  • Generator amperes meters now have tooltips
  • GPU now open a new small panel window to show when active or inactive
  • User manual updated for joystick keys list
  • Added more warning labels to main pabel (EMR PWR / PULL UP GPWS / NAV GPS MODE)
  • Altitude selector is now a Honeywell digital unit to match with the Honeywell altimeter
  • Overspeed warning now has 3 situations for an alert (IAS 300KTS under 8K FT / IAS 350KTS above 8K FT / Mach 0.81 above 25K FT / Mach 0.74 above 25K FT and autopilot off with Trim mode set to off or secondary)
  • The altimeter now displays altitude below sea level and will now display meters if you change the units of measure under general settings
    Cold & Dark State
  • Standby battery switch off
  • Standby attitude gauge caged
  • Anti-Skid off
  • Thrust Levers set to cut-off
    Switches & Knobs
  • Anti-Skid click sound was missing
  • Left click rather than middle click for Testing knob modes
  • Right click rather than middle click for both throttles cut-off
  • Windshield heat annunciator light now matches the correct switch position
  • Cabin pressure knob and cabin rate knob now have mouse drag
  • N1 reminder animation now counts up and down rather than just up
    Flight Dynamics
  • Fuel burn rate updated
  • Intercepting ILS approach autopilot bank rate improved
  • Pitch, yaw and roll performance updated
  • Elevator trim max limit is now 10 degrees (Tooltip added to Elevator / Aileron / Rudder trim gauges)
    Go Around
  • (AUTOPILOT ON) LVL, VS and ALTSEL modes active & pitch 9 degrees up
  • (AUTOPILOT OFF) All modes off, flight director pitch 9 degrees up
    Bugs & Updates
  • Cabin pressure selector gets stuck (FIXED)
  • Generator amp meters will now have a higher charging value for more accuracy
  • Generator 2 amp meter was displaying generator 1 amps (FIXED)
  • Spoilerons will flash spoiler annunciator light with flaps above 13 degrees rather than full flaps. Solid light for spoiler only.
  • Alerter light is on within 1000 FT of the preselected altitude, and will remain illuminated to within 300 FT.
  • Alerter test now plays audio as well as illuminates
  • Alerter audio plays when you deviate 300 FT of the preselected altitude but not when you first pass through 300 FT of the preselected altitude
  • Radar options updated with new instructions in PDF format
  • Missing reference marker for the slip indicator ball
  • GPU now needs parking brake on and both generators off to be active
  • Vas Patch is no longer available / Night lights now use less memory
  • Recognition light bulb will now turn off with main bus below 8 volts
  • Ground splash lights will now turn off with main bus below 8 volts
  • Control panel 2D light functions from the GNS model only (FIXED)
  • Attitude reference bar changed from yellow to orange
  • Backup altimeter is 5 degrees per line
  • Cabin pressure system no longer can be diabled
  • HSI from flag was not linked to card (fixed)
  • HSI and ATT got a few color updates
  • Altitude lower deflection indicator now is for localizer only
  • Turn Coordinator ball updated for accuracy
    Joysticks & keyboard assignments
  • Autopilot modes now can be assigned using the G1000 softkeys
  • Steer lock now can be assigned using the G1000 softkeys
  • Yaw damper now can be assigned using the G1000 softkeys
  • Spoiler switch now can be assigned using the G1000 softkeys (Default no longer works)
  • Read the updated user manual for details
VERSION 2.9 UPDATES: May 4, 2017
    New Features
  • GPS lateral capture mode will remain captured outside of 2NM once captured at 2NM but outside of 14NM it will disengage but can recapture at 14NM.
  • Autopilot VS and SPD no longer need the ALT/SEL mode on to hold pitch modes. With ALT/SEL mode on the preselected altitude set will capture.
  • The GNS530 message label now is solid rather than flashing. When in the VNAV page the MENU option can turn off all messages for the entire flight.
  • Lear user manual will now include update info and tips on what to read for changes made.
  • The patch used with L35A version 2.8 is no longer needed with version 2.9. Version 2.9 now has improved SPD Mode dynamics and improved dynamics for capturing a selected altitude. Pitch control is extremely quick and smooth.
  • Go around mode updated. Please download the user manual and go the new section called Version 2.9 for detailed instructions.
    Bugs & Updates
  • Flight director reference bank angle now matches the autopilot bank angle.
  • HSI digital setting knob label "ST" changed to "DST" which stands for distance.
  • Cabin Pressure knob updated to prevent getting stuck when using the mouse wheel.
  • AOA needle width increased for better visibility.
  • Map lights no longer turns on when ready to start is clicked.
  • Master Autopilot switch located on the pilots lower panel will be on if you click “Ready to start”.
  • Lear user manual and GNS530 manual are updated and available to download. The user manual now has a new entry for the table of contents called “10. version 2.9 updates”. Includes tips to what pages were updated and should be read.
  • The 2D GNS530 GPS can now be scaled in both directions.