The original California Zephyr ran over the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad from Chicago to Denver, Colorado, the Denver and Rio grande Western Railroad between Denver and Salt Lake City, Utah, and the Western Pacific Railroad from Salt Lake City to Oakland, California.

This train was marked as the most beautiful passenger train as it ran through amazing rocky mountains. This train was marketed to families as a vacation unto itself. The Zephyrettes functioned as social directors, tour guides, babysitters and nurses in short they filled just about any role to ensure that the passengers had a memorial trip.

Rio Grande Zephyr

The Rio Grande Zephyr was a passenger train operated by Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. (D&RGW) It ran between Denver, Colorado and Ogden, Utah in the Western United States. It operated from 1970 until 1983. In operation after Amtrak began taking over most other passenger rail service in the United States, the Rio Grande Zephyr was the last privately operated intercity passenger train in the United States.

Our product gives you 2 phase1 F7A units and 2 F7B units along with 16 California Zephyr Silver cars. Includes animations, including MSTS bin bonus animations. All models length and layout is accurate with windows, rooms, seating. More info can be found on our product page, including vidoes!

Take a ride with this popular passenger train through the D&RGW rocky mountains.


  • 1024 high quality textures
  • Models run between 10,000 and 20,000 poly’s
  • Wheels and bogies are high quality with precision track alignment
  • 3D virtual Upper deck with music for the Silver Colt
  • 2D passengers included in Silver Sky and Silver Colt
  • Fully animated 2D cab with night textures
  • Animated 3D virtual cab
  • All models made from blueprints with accurate layout
  • Easy installer / Includes 2 CON files


  • Wheels ………………….. Yes
  • Couplers ………………… Yes
  • 2D Cab ………………….. Yes
  • 3D virtual Cab ………….. Yes
  • Exterior Engine parts … Yes


  • Default Sounds
  • Commercial use music


  • Rio Grande Western theme
  • California Zephyr them


California Zephyr Cars: 16

  • 1. FSS D&RGW ANTELOPE 1100
  • 2. FSS D&RGW BRONCO 1105
  • 3. FSS D&RGW COLT 1106
  • 4. FSS D&RGW MUSTANG 1107
  • 5. FSS D&RGW PONY 1108
  • 6. FSS D&RGW BANQUET 1115
  • 7. FSS D&RGW ASPEN 1120
  • 8. FSS D&RGW PINE 1121
  • 9. FSS D&RGW PASS 1130
  • 10. FSS D&RGW SUMMIT 1131
  • 11. FSS D&RGW GORGE 1132
  • 12. FSS D&RGW CREEK 1133
  • 13. FSS D&RGW GLACIER 1134
  • 14. FSS D&RGW GULL 1135
  • 15. FSS D&RGW SHOP 1140
  • 16. FSS D&RGW SKY 1145


  • Microsoft Train Simulator with the latest update and MSTS Bin!


Operating System: Windows 7 and up, older os we can’t guarantee compatibility or support 
Processor: 1.5 gigahertz (GHz) 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: 2 GB DirectX 10-compatible video card 
Sound Card: Sound card, speakers, or headset