Flysimware’s GRUMMAN G-44A WIDGEON MSFS2020

Product information in audio format


Welcome to Flysimware’s Grumman G44A Widgeon for Microsoft Flight simulator. Flysimware has modeled this vintage aircraft using every feature the new sim offers giving you the user the best experience for a realistic simulation. From a interactive copilot, highly accurate gauges to realistic flight dynamics.

The G-44 is an American high-wing, twin-engine, amphibious light aircraft produced by the Grumman Aerospace Corporation. The production aircraft entered service for the militaries of the United States and Britain in the 1940’s which 200 were built. The G-44A is a postwar version with a modified hull which 76 were built. The Widgeon is driven by two wing-mounted Ranger 6-440-C5 six-cylinder engines that each produce 200 horsepower. The airplane has a maximum speed of 160 miles per hour, a climb rate of 1,750 feet per minute, and a ceiling of 18,000 feet. A classic gem in the history of aviation, the Grumman G-44A Widgeon allows pilots to access the sky from either land or water. A go-anywhere craft, the Widgeon provides one of the rarest opportunities to be found in the world of aviation, one that combines piloting with exploration.


  • Real World operational
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • 4K full PBR textures
  • Interactive environment sounds
  • All sounds produced using the game industry standard Wwise software
  • Custom coded World gauges and animations
  • Avionics include the Garmin GTX327 / Garmin GMA 340 / Garmin GNS 530 / Bendix ADF KR 87 / Bendix DME KN 62A
  • Includes a High quality pilot and copilot
  • Windshield rain effects
  • Exterior icing effects
  • Parking mode / chocks / Tie Downs / Engine Plugs
  • Custom coded checklist with interactive copilot




  • U.S. Navy V202 – Military
  • U.S. Coast Guard V203 – Military
  • U.S. Rescue – Military
  • Italian Navy N141R – Military
  • N24475 – Civilian

MSFS 2020 products or ported products from P3D are created or updated with Substance Painter.

Pilot Manual Version 1.2

October 29, 2021

Version 2.0.0 is available!


If you do not own rudder pedals with toe brakes then locate the flight_model.cfg file. Open th file with notepad and look for the section called “contact points”. Then locate the line entry point.0 look for 18 and change it to 45. This will be the 8th position from the left.

Note: This is only for versions sold outside the Market Place. Due to they encrypt and hide files.

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