Flysimware’s Nieuport 24 MSFS2020

This is a BETA version!


Flysimware’s Nieuport 24 is a WW1 bi-plane.

The Nieuport 24 had the misfortune to be the penultimate design suited to tactics that were being superseded when it entered service. Its small size, relatively light weight and small engine gave it a significant manoeuverability advantage in a dog fight. However, larger and heavier fighters that relied almost entirely on speed such as the SPAD VII and Albatros D.III were entering service along with the introduction of ever larger combat formations, which generally negated its manoeuverability. While its handling was improved slightly, its performance was little better than the previous Nieuport 23 it was meant to replace, and so it was operated alongside larger numbers of the SPAD S.VII, although in November 1917, out of a French frontline fighter strength of 754 aircraft, Nieuports still made up 310 aircraft. Operational Nieuport 24’s served with French, British and Russian units, and the type also served widely as an advanced trainer.

Set your joystick fire button to the tailhook switch so you can use the machine gun which includes sound effects. Choose from 6 paint themes or use our paint kit to design your own custom personal look. Remember to pump the fuel pump to 7 psi or more to ensure you have fuel pressure to start the 135 hp Le Rhône rotary engine.

Ported Products

Ported planes are planes that were previously released on FSX and P3D. Plans for ported plans is to improve the model, textures using Substance and improving flight dynamics all done in house. Most ported planes will use Sim Acoustics to bring you the best possible sound quality. Both original and ported planes come with the new flight dynamics (non legacy). They will not have features like interactive checklists, icing effects, saved state and maybe more. This allows us to quickly port over these products faster as we have a huge list of ported planes coming. In return flysimware is charging a very low fee. So not only are ported planes improved products with the FSW name on it but you are going to pay a fraction of the original price. These ported products will be some of your favorite aircraft in your hangar for years to come!


  • Real World operational
  • Realistic flight dynamics
  • 4K full PBR textures
  • All sounds produced using the game industry standard Wwise software
  • Engine sounds were produced by Sim Acoustics
  • Custom coded World gauges and animations
  • Includes a High quality bones animated pilot
  • Parking mode / chocks / Removeable engine nacelle


  • Nieuport 24


  • Nieuport 24 – KNCA
  • Nieuport 24 – N2444
  • Nieuport 24 – N2445
  • Nieuport 24 – N2448
  • Nieuport 24 – N2489
  • Nieuport 24 – N2495

This is a BETA version!

Coming Soon!

Pilot Manual Version 1.0

Coming Soon!

December 16, 2022

Beta 0.1.3 Is available