Flysimware’s Rocket Car



Rocket car is similar to the Thrust SST. Included is a high end panel with large textures for awesome quality. Top speed 763 MPH.

The Thrust SSC achieved the world’s first Supersonic Land Speed Record. Averaged Mach 1.02 on both runs within one hour on Oct 15 1997.


  • SPOILERS = Parachute Deployed! (A chute lever is included)
  • SMOKE SYS = Rocket Burn and Dust Cloud! (Switch is included)
  • CANOPY = Main Exit! (Switch is included)
  • RUDDER = 9 degrees Steering (Remember to set auto rudder to use twist on a joystick or just use rudder pedals)
  • TIP: Toe brakes help to keep a straight line. Slowly increase your N1 Thrust for control! Staying on the path takes practice.

Rocket Car / Salt Flats Scenery for FSX & FSX:SE

Full Package

Version 1.1 available FEB 6, 2017

  • Sim crashing when first loaded (FIXED)
  • Package now includes Rocket Car and Scenery


  • FSX SP2 or ACC / FSX:SE


Operating System: Windows 7 and up, older os we can’t guarantee compatibility or support 
Processor: 1.5 gigahertz (GHz) 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: 2 GB DirectX 10-compatible video card 
Sound Card: Sound card, speakers, or headset