FLYSIMWARE’S UNS-1 FMS Expansion Pack FOR l35a



The UNS-1 Universal flight management system expansion pack is for Flysimware’s Learjet 35A aircraft. Overall with the Learjet 35A already a popular product this will be a must have expansion pack.

This flight management system is a realistic simulation of the real world UNS-1 Universal FMS. The Flysimware UNS-1 has a performance page, message popups alert system and a fuel page. The fuel page displays passenger, cargo, zero fuel weight, gross weight and total weight in multiple units and displays fuel reserves for alternate routes. A navigation page that displays From-To-Next waypoint data along with displaying distance and ETA with cross track and wind info. Also includes holding patterns and heading modes with an option to intercept legs. A Direct To page for altering the flight plan in a response to a DTO clearance. A flight plan page that displays the flight plan waypoints, ETA’s, altitudes, bearings and distances between waypoints and can be used to edit the flight plan. Using the LIST page you can quickly add airports, intersections, routes, airways and VOR’s by category that includes an identifier list based on your route or you can edit the flight plan manually by inputting an identifier. There are also menu pages for the flight plan and fuel pages. These give you more options like fuel unit types, passengers weight and fuel conversion tools. The flight plan menu can also store or delete flight plans or add departures and arrivals and even more. And finally the FMS includes a VNAV option that allows the crew to define a desired vertical flight profile along the flight plan route which displays deviations. Vertical identifiers are pre filled automatically with the current flight plan waypoints.


  • Updateable database from a 3rd party such as Navigraph
  • Load FSX/P3D default flight plans
  • Load and save custom flight plans
  • Includes a 2D and 3D working UNS-1 gauges
  • Includes a Message page, Fuel page, Navigation page, Direct To page, Flight Plan page, List page, Performance page, Menu page and VNAV page.
  • Includes a UNS-1 Universal FMS unit, Pilot and copilot Collins control units and Collins EHSI indicators
  • Includes a new digital transponder
  • Authentic 1980’s Learjet 35A panel layout

UNS-1 Manual Version 1.8

Nov 24 , 2021

Gables Engineering XPDR

May 20, 2021

No Videos


  • FSX SP2 or ACC / Steam Edition / Prepar3D All Versions!


Operating System: Windows 7 and up, older os we can’t guarantee compatibility or support 
Processor: 1.5 gigahertz (GHz) 
Memory: 4 GB RAM 
Graphics: 2 GB DirectX 10-compatible video card 
Sound Card: Sound card, speakers, or headset